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Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle are grass fed; they have full time access to grass and pasture forage. This gives the beef its tremendous nutrient density. Beef raised as it should be is naturally healthy, and healthy animals that don't need antibiotics are healthy for us to eat.
We like to call our beef "Free Range" because we do more than just turn them out to pasture and hope it turns out a good product worthy of your table.  Ranching is a craft we've practiced for generations. 
Our cattle are never confined in a feedlot or in unhealthy conditions. They have a diet of nutrient rich grasses and pasture forage . We also give them access to a high-fiber vegetarian ration. This allows the cattle to self regulate their nutrition needs. The result is a very healthy herd. We don't use antibiotics or artificial pharmaceuticals. I also take great care of the breeding that goes into our stock. Only certain genetics produce excellent tasting choice beef. We carefully select for the best beef on our ranch. Through 3 generations of experience we have found this combination produces both the flavor and the nutrient content that we demand.
Mark Mahnken
3rd Generation Rancher