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CSA Steak Pack


4x 10 oz Rib-eye Steaks
4x 10 oz Flat Iron Steaks
4x 12 oz KC Strip Steaks
4x 8 oz Sirloin Steaks

A perfect pack for your family. Fits in a normal fridge freezer. Plus we send recipes to make it easy to make meals.

THIS PRODUCT ONLY AVAILABLE IN COLUMBIA, MOLOCAL DELIVERY is free ONLY in Columbia MO and will take place once a month.
We also ask that you commit to a 6 or 12 month purchase agreement called a CSA. After you purchase this pack online we will contact you about setting up recurring charges.If you are not convinced after this first month, no sweat, but we think you'll love having our beef show up each month. For more information on the CSA
click here or call us at 660-788-3556.